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Boutique FX, Vol.1

10 effect combinators for Reason, inspired by boutique FX pedals and rack units.

Compatible with Version 9 & up.

$10 USD (use the paypal link)

You will receive an email with a ZIP file within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

Boutique FX Vol 1 Manual   

Customer reviews:

“..the great thing about these ones are how characterful they are and how much flexibility you get with so few controls. Definitely reminds me more of guitar pedals which I think is super nice. The Unicorn Shimmer and Unicorn Delay send fx versions are now part of my default Reason template.” : Ottostrom – Reasontalk forum

“These are all really, really impressive. The shimmer reverb alone is worth 10 bucks. I only had a chance to take each of the combis for a quick spin, but there was an instant “Oh wow” factor for each one.” : Adam W – Reasontalk forum